Month: April 2020

Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open

Had an annoying issue today. For MechWarrior Online, I use Nvidia Control Panel to span my three monitors into one virtual one. Well today I wanted to turn that off and I couldn’t open the damn thing.

Updating the driver through Geforce experience did not resolve it. I had to uninstall the driver within Device Manager and let Windows automatically get it again and that reset the displays back to default and also actually solved the inability to launch the Nvidia Control Panel.

Old Faces and New Faces

Ahhhhh the CAT clan πŸ™‚ Good old Complete Annihilation Team. We have VeX represented as well, as importantly new blood. For all the time we spent back in the day trying to get new players, who knew today we would just have some fall in our lap? hah


Outwars 2020

I use Facebook for two things: buying old cars and BattleTech minis. I forgot all about the Outwars Never Dies Facebook page. Lo and hehold, maybe due to the present apocalypse, there has been a flurry of activity in that page of late and I just happened to click into it. Exciting!

So, I promptly fire up a Discord and get a hold of OWReaper. He’s telling me someone had the source code to the game and someone else has a remake in progress and frankly my mind is fucking blown. This is exciting. So, I go ahead and set up a Bookstack to organize things.

One thing OWReaper mentioned was documenting some of the history of ye olde days playing on I was going to put that in the book stack but I figure its very bloggy material so might as well put it here. Plus, if something comes to me I can fart out a quick post on my phone. So yeah, enjoy!


1986 Fox Mustang Partout

The shell itself suffers from rotted floors and suspension pickup points, hence the part out.

available parts:

Body panels are straight, without rust aside from very light surface rust, and in various states of rattle can black. Would be great for a race car or budget build. Not recommended for anything fancy as they would require a fair amount of prep.

  • hatch with hinges and latch
  • Fiberglass hood, has ~1” crack that needs to be patched.
  • both fenders
  • four-eye nose / bumper
  • rear bumper
  • rear quarter sections
  • front and rear seats

parts not available:

  • motor
  • trans
  • k frame
  • rear end
  • Doors
  • dash and fuse panel
  • anything attached to the above.
  • anything not specifically mentioned in list of available parts

Text me at: 908 four eight five 8304

x11 logo

x11 logo

Persistent Server VNC

I have a home server I call a NAS but it also does some other stuff. Occasionally I find the need to do some GUI things, and I don’t want to be bothered with a physical keyboard and mouse as that’s quite inconvenient due to the physical setup. I require use of the real graphics card for this, so, using virtual desktops is not an option, so to that end I will use x11vnc since it shares existing X displays.

I suppose there is a more elegant solution to this problem but this is fine for me. I am running Debian 10, with the LXDE desktop environment. Bog standard Debian desktop install.

I’m going to make lightdm log me in my non-root user automatically:

[email protected]:~# nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Add your user under Seat:*

autologin-user= MadRush

~/.xsessionrc runs stuff as soon as you are logged in to X. It’s a perfect spot to make x11vnc start up:

[email protected]:~$ cat .xsessionrc 
/usr/bin/x11vnc -forever -display :0 -auth guess -rfbauth /home/MadRush/.vnc/passwd & disown

Okay so next time you log in, x11vnc will be started. And -forever means it will stay open after you disconnect. Going forward lightdm will automatically log you in, et voila, there’s your persistent x11vnc session. Restart lightdm:

[email protected]:~# systemctl restart lightdm

Good to go! Now I can log in at the physical console if I want, and then pick up where I left off should I want to use VNC instead.