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Outwars 2020

I use Facebook for two things: buying old cars and BattleTech minis. I forgot all about the Outwars Never Dies Facebook page. Lo and hehold, maybe due to the present apocalypse, there has been a flurry of activity in that page of late and I just happened to click into it. Exciting!

So, I promptly fire up a Discord and get a hold of OWReaper. He’s telling me someone had the source code to the game and someone else has a remake in progress and frankly my mind is fucking blown. This is exciting. So, I go ahead and set up a Bookstack to organize things.

One thing OWReaper mentioned was documenting some of the history of ye olde days playing on zone.com. I was going to put that in the book stack but I figure its very bloggy material so might as well put it here. Plus, if something comes to me I can fart out a quick post on my phone. So yeah, enjoy!