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Crustang Teardown 1

Well, I need space in my driveway so it’s time to dismantle my 1986 Mustang.  The Crustang will be giving up its ghost for a project that I plan to start in the coming months, more on that later.  It’s a crusty pile of shit so has got to go:

Yeah that is the rear passenger seat belt flopping in the breeze.

Underneath that huge hole in the passenger side and the hastily tossed in plate we find a nice pin hole:

I believe that actually turned out to be a vent.  Instead of venting to the tank its would vent into the passenger carpet.  Perfect!  This fucking death trap.

Now I don’t know the exact path this overflow tube is supposed to take from factory but you can be damn sure it wasn’t meant to dump into your trunk.

Of course this heap of shit has more than five gallons of gas in it making this process take up all night with my rinky dink $5 siphon. Don’t buy this kind of siphon ever. So I had to stop what I was doing and go fill up my Fairmont with this slightly yellow gas.  It doesn’t seem to have bothered the carb yet, and the Crustang did run on it so I meh its okay.