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MechWarrior Chronological Playthrough Intro

For a few months I’ve been on a bit of a BattleTech / MechWarrior kick. One of the things that crossed my mind is how disjointed most of the MechWarrior games are chronologically:

    The first releases, BattleTech: Crescent Hawk’s Inception in 1988 and MechWarrior in 1989 were sensibly enough set in the original or ‘classic’ BT time period in 3028.
    The sequel to BT:CHI, Crescent Hawk’s Revenge began right after BT:CHI but made jumps forward as far as the Battle of Luthien in 3052. This one covers a lot of ground.
    Next, released in 1995 the ground breaking MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat inexplicably advances the timeline to 3057. In a major departure the backdrop is in Clan space rather than the Inner Sphere. The story is basically completely unrelated to events in prior titles, and I’m not even sure if they are explained in-game / a link is made to earlier titles in-game.
    1996’s MechWarrior2: Mercenaries reverts to a spheroid protagonist and takes a time machine back to 3044 and concludes at the Battle of Luthien .. uh, again.
    For 1998’s MechCommander and 1999’s MechWarrior 3 the timeline leaped forward to 3059 and finally from here on out the releases actually increment the timeline predictably. What a mess

Trying to wrap your head around any of that is a waste, not to mention the glaring differences from cannon that many of the games exhibit.
But hey why not figure out the chronological order and play them? So, here are all 18 games:

Game		Year		Published	Plot/Era/Locale		
------		----		---------	--------------
mw1		3024-3028+	1989
mw snes		3027		1993	
bt: chi		3028		1988	Chara III (Pacifica)	
bt: chr		3028-3052	1990	Lyons, War of 3039, Luthien
mw2 mercs	3044-3052	1996	Clan Invasion!
mw 3050		3050		1995	Clan Invasion
mw2 31cc	3057		1995	Refusal War
mw2 gbl?	late 3050s	1995
mc1		3059		1998	Operation Bulldog
mw3		3059		1999	Post OpBulldog, Serpent
mw3 pm		3060		1999	
mcx		3060		1999	Post OpBulldog
mw4: v		3062		2000	FedCom civil war
mw4: bk		3060s		2000	FedCom civil war
mw4: mercs	3062-67		2002	FedCom civil war
mc2		3063		2001	FedCom civil war
ma		~3067-81	2002	WoB Jihad
ma2		~3067-81	2004
MechWarrior Retrospective

MechWarrior Retrospective

MechWarrior Retrospective

I came across a great YouTube channel The Examined Life (of Gaming). You can tell this guy is a true nerd by his fofxStudios YouTube URL … my kind of guy! Well he happens to be as nerdy as I am about all things MechWarrior and has a great series of videos critiquing the games and going over their history. Check out the playlist here MechWarrior Retrospective