Starsiege: Tribes

Starsiege: Tribes

Tribes 1

Starsiege Tribes has been released as a free game. There are two main client downloads for you to pick from:
Download Tribes 1 classic
Download Tribes 1 with HD textures

Dedicated Game Servers

Currently I run a pair of old school Starsiege Tribes servers: Standard Tribes Tribes Aerial Combat mod

For detials on Tribes Aerial Combat (TAC) check out and the TAC1 forum

Dedicated Server Setup details

This old site has the goods on hosting a tribes dedicated server.
(link) (mirror)

I run my game servers in linux. Here is the basic launcher script I am currently using to run Tribes dedicated server in wine:

nohup su -c "cd /srv/tribes; export WINEPREFIX='/srv/tribes/.wine'; \
wine /srv/tribes/Tribes.exe +exec rushworx_tac -mod tac -dedicated" \
-s /bin/sh tribes &

I will some day make an init script or something a little smarter like that.

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