WordPress – Missed Schedule 2

So, it didn’t work. Why? I think CloudFlare is caching the response. Let’s change that.

You could do this with ‘Page Rules’ but on the free tier of CloudFlare you only get three. I am going to skirt that by telling CloudFlare to not cache any url with a query string, and change my wp-cron.php request accordingly.

CloudFlare Query String

CloudFlare Query String

* * * * * wget http://rushworx.net/wp-cron.php?foo

Begrudgingly Increased the frequency from every three minutes to every minute. I tested it and it did not work.

What did work was instead of getting it, I executed it:

* * * * * php /var/www/rushworx.net/wp-cron.php
Actually it would show up as ‘Missed Schedule’ for a minute or so and then it would show published. Fixed.