HP Laptop Audio Hack Part 2

The TS2012 came in the other day and I couldn’t help but play with it before I headed off to bed.

The testing setup

The Full Testing Setup

Actually I ended up staying up entirely too late so I could test the amp in conjunction with the USB sound device. The breakout board makes working with the amp integrated circuit a completely brainless affair; just wire up your audio source and power it with a decent 5 volt current source. I actually wired it straight up to the USB power on my desktop with no issue.

So right there I’m just showing the amp plugged into my ZTE Open C to test it alone.  It’s really surprising to see that dinky little thing power a speaker like that even if there is distortion at the highest gain setting (+24dB).   The pauses between actual sound output were where I changed the gain using the pair of DIP switches.

So the next video is why I went to bed late that night and why I am going to bed late again tonight: it’s so damn exciting! Here I demo the USB sound adapter being used as primary sound device wired directly to the amp which I am actually powering off my desktop’s USB 5V. I was a little shocked that there was enough current available; if you look in the video you can see my back-of-the-envelope-math for power and I was expecting 700mA draw.  Either that number represents peak current modern desktops have sweet USB 5V power!

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