Vwvortex Douchebags

There is a part that I want. I don’t say need because technically with time effort and money, I can make the wrong part right, but if I can track down the right part and make this all simpler, I would prefer to go that route.

So, to Facefuck marketplace it is! Facebook.com: a good place to buy Battletech Mechs, used cars and occasionally parts. There is literally zero other reasons to go on there.

Really? Here we go

I was really hoping he would counter offer with $200 because *I KNOW WHAT I HAVE!!1*

You have a sad used part off a thirty-five year old shit box, what do you think someone is gonna be willing to pay for it?


I, too, love getting married alone, no guests, just sunburn for company. Fuuuck this guy.

New Challenger Approaching!

True enthusiast parking ONLY!

meanwhile … a normal hooman bean while this is all going on:


My better half on all this: “This is what happens when you sit on the couch all the time eating french fries”